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Join Together Today

Its TIME to give your time and your wishes to the world of orphans, poor children and many more guys those who are not able to stand by themselves in terms of health, wealth and education. Your hand is valuable and time is precious which makes their lives beautiful and helps them laugh happily.

Your extreme desire and eagerness to give something back which makes everything difference to the less fortunate. By luck we are graced by God, it gives immense pleasure if we share something to the poor. Let us join together to share and care the poor.

Rice and Books to Orphanage Kids:

25-June-2016:  50kg rice, 150 note books.


Books to Poor Students:

July-2016: Namli, Nasarullabad, Mirjapur, Birkur

30-Jun-2016: Kouta, Ashta, Mudhol villages

29-Jun-2016: ZPHS Boys & Girls, Basar

28-Jun-2016: Kaldurki, Baswatarak Nagar, Rakasipet, Pegadapalli villages

22-Jun-2016: Amdapur

21-Jun-2016: Pentakalan, Mentrajpalli, Borgam villages

20-Jun-2016: Tattikota, Dharmarao Pet villages

18-Jun-2016: Durki, Neela, Veerannagutta villages